Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tantoo, Too

A few days ago, Margie announced to all of us that Tantoo Cardinal, her friend and fellow actor, is going to join us in DC.  Tantoo was born smack dab in the middle of the Tar Sands area.  She is Metis of Cree ancestry, and is well known for the roles she played in Dances with Wolves, Black Robe, Legends of the Fall, Smoke Signals, Lakota Woman:Siege at Wounded Knee and many other films and television shows.  In 2009 she was made a Member of the Order of Canada, one of the highest honors in Canada, "for her contributions to the growth and development of Aboriginal performing arts in Canada."

We are all thrilled to have Tantoo join us.  Here is her statement in answer to the organizer's question, "Why are you coming to the Tar Sands Action?"

I was born in Ft. McMurray and raised in a small community (at the time), called Anzac, Alberta.

I was raised in a community where people lived off the land.

My father’s people learned that the Earth was alive in the early 60’s when their instruments reacted. My mother’s people know intrinsically that Earth is alive. She is Our Mother. She provides everything required for survival and good life.

What does it mean that the Earth is alive?
What part of her is oil? Tar sands?
Water? Uranium? Coal?
What harm is being done to her body, to Her overall health? and in turn our well being… our grandchildren’s survival.

There has not been honest and wise consideration of how we use resources like wind and sun. This is urgent.

Our Earth belongs to the People. She is meant to give and nourish Life. She is not for the sole determination of Corporations to exhaust Her resources… to have her body ravaged of her blood and structure.