Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Article from Margie's Brother in BC

A couple of questions have been bothering us about the whole Keystone XL Pipeline and the upcoming protest against it:

First, why don't the Canadians build their own refineries near the tar sands and sell upgraded petroleum products that would not require a pipeline to the Gulf Coast?

And second, if we manage to stop TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline, won't they just ship all the Tar Sands Oil (bitumen) through the proposed Enbridge pipeline (the Northern Gateway pipeline) to northern British Columbia to sell it to Asia?

This article, which Margie's brother in Vancouver sent to her, sheds some important light on those questions.

Unfortunately, there are not well-documented sources in the article, and some of the most important information is based on a personal conversation reported by a single person.  But if the rumors reported in this article are true, such as the concept that the main reason for the Northern Gateway pipeline is to put pressure on the US to approve Keystone XL and that there is huge resistance to the Northern Gateway pipeline from British Columbia, then maybe our efforts in Washington, DC will really make all the difference in stopping the further development of the Tar Sands.

Rumors or truth?  What really matters is that the Keystone XL Pipeline has to be the place where we say "Stop.  Enough is enough."

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