Friday, August 19, 2011

A Teachable Moment

One of the things we all love about this whole thing is how it gets people's attention focused on the environmental disaster that is the Tar Sands, which many people have either not heard of or don't understand.  As we have been publicizing our trip and raising money, we have had an opportunity to explain why the pipeline is such a horrible idea, and why developing the tar sands is so dangerous and destructive. 

Margie and Tantoo, being movie stars, bring attention from people who normally only care about celebrity gossip and trivia.  The entertainment editor of the Toronto Sun interviewed Margie about her involvement and wrote this article:  The article was also posted on which is a progressive news website that publishes breaking news from a progressive viewpoint that has appeared across the spectrum of news sources.

Also on Common Dreams is an article from Yes! magazine by Bill McKibben, one of the organizers of this action.  He mentions how inspiring he found the message from four Montana grandmothers (he can't resist mentioning that one of us is Margot Kidder who played Lois Lane).  That seems to be how we are going to be known for this event - the Four Grandmothers from Montana.  Well, there are worse things we could be (and have been) called.  And if it brings inspiration, or attention, or an opportunity to open people's eyes to how important this issue is, then it is a badge we will wear with honor.

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  1. Thanks for going to DC and for creating this blog so we can follow you.


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