Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Arrested at Last...and Free at Last

Well, we did it.  It was too crazy yesterday to post to the blog, but we went to Lafayette Park in the Morning, had a rally in the park, then marched to the White House Fence and sat down and were arrested one by one.  We were handcuffed and loaded in paddy wagons, then transported to the Anacostia Park Police station where we were given the chance to "post-and-forfeit" or basically pay a fine and get out with nothing but a citation.

We were released just as a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck Washington D.C.  We discussed various ways to spin the earthquake:  "That was the Earth saying thank you for our effort on her behalf."  When we heard that the quake had also been felt in Martha's Vineyard where the Obamas are vacationing, "This might be what it takes to get his attention."  or "Hey, wake up.  There's something you need to pay attention to back in Washington."  Tantoo's friends and family were all saying "See, when they arrest Tantoo the earth shakes."  and finally, we decided the headlines should read, "Montana Women For Rock the Earth."

Here are pictures of our day

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