Monday, August 22, 2011

Protest-Eve Day

All five of us got together at Belinda's for lunch and spent the afternoon together in her leafy green backyard talking politics and getting to know each other better than ever before. 

In the evening, we went to the training, which was held in a church.  This has got to be the absolute best organized action any of us have ever seen.  The training was run by five or six luminous, brilliant young people whose energy and enthusiasm, leadership and organization were absolutely extraordinary.
 Bill McKibbon, the main leader of this whole action had just gotten out of jail after being there for three days.  He came by and thanked us all for not being intimidated by the harsh treatment the first people received.  He said everyone in jail had very high spirits, and they were supported by knowing that more and more people were coming after them. 
Several people who had been arrested in the second and third days of the action told what had happened to them.  Other than the first day, people have been simply taken to the jail, booked, given a citation, fined $100 and released.  That is what they hope will happen to us tomorrow, but there are no guarantees. 

We actually practiced how we were going to line up and get in position for the sit in.  There was legal advice, practical advice, social advice (they even had us buddy up so no one would feel like they were going through this unsupported). 

Then they fed us and we all sat around in the church pews eating and getting to know one another.

Before we left, they taped a video of us together speaking about why we came. The press coverage of this has been quite good.  Apparently the New York Times had an editorial that said, "Mr Obama, say No to the Keystone Pipeline."  The mood here is exultant. 

We managed to find our way home, back to Kay and CB's house, exhausted and wound up at the same time.  Tomorrow is the day.  Time for a good night's sleep.


  1. Thinking of you today. Reposting to Facebook. Thank you for representing us.

  2. Its Tuesday morning in Livingston and I just called the White House to express opposition to the Tar Sands pipeline and to ask our President to look out the window! I will now offer prayers for your strength and non-violent conviction.

  3. Trying everything to post here ???arrrrrrrr

    Do hope you are all ok - posted a number of times but it won't take them :(
    posted the pre-day/night pix on my FB with serious concern.
    Thank you for being there,

  4. uhhhh still no word on how you all are??? i sure hope you haven't been disappeared!
    Tomorrow i lead a CREDO group to face Sen GE Baucus and his Austerityburo for a 'listening session' 1. this Austerity program is tantamount to the Soviet styly machine of Lenin/Stalin and has to end. 2nd any Austerity measures must come with the End of these Illegal Wars NOW (save $200 billion or more over the next 10 years). Jobs issue should have been of Primary concern to the ObamaNationInc regime from Day One but Nooooooooo it had to Bail Out the Capitalists so they could make more War. And HR 676 would have generated a lot of jobs.
    You All BE WELL,


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