Monday, August 22, 2011

We're All in Place and Ready to Go

Margie arrived in Washington DC on Saturday.  Joanie, Linda and Margarita arrived Sunday afternoon.  Tantoo arrived Sunday evening we are all here and ready to go.

Joanie, Linda and Margarita are staying with Kay and CB, old friends of Linda's from her karate days in Seattle.  They took us out to dinner our first evening at the New Deal Cafe, a wonderful restaurant with a leftist political feel, great mediterranean food and live entertainment,  in Greenbelt, MD.  Greenbelt, a city that was one of Eleanor Roosevelt's projects, is described in their city web page this way, "The City of Greenbelt has gone into the history books as the first community in the United States built as a federal venture in housing. From the beginning it was designed as a complete city, with businesses, schools, roads and facilities for recreation and town government. Greenbelt was a planned community, noted for its interior walkways, underpasses, its system of inner courtyards and one of the first mall-type shopping centers in the United States. Modeled after English garden cities of the 19th century, Greenbelt took its name from the belt of green forestland with which it was surrounded and from the belts of green between neighborhoods that offered easy contact with nature."  It was a fitting place to start our adventure here.

Margie and Tantoo are staying with Belinda, a friend who lived for awhile in Livingston, but now divides her time between her home in Washington, DC and Santiago, Chile. She will serve as our support person to hand off personal belongings to during the demonstration.  We all feel so fortunate to have such wonderful friends to support us and give us a place to stay while we take part in this action. 

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  1. Blessings to you all on your safe arrival.
    I will be with you in spirit.
    THANK YOU for your dedication to this important cause.
    I will call President Obama on Tues and offer prayers for your successful non-violent exercise of our constitutional rights.


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